Working Capital- Yes and Nay things!

Running a business is though not a rocket science but needs constant attention and improvising action to stay thriving and climbing up the ladder. With huge competition and lot of opportunities, managing your finances is the first best and safest way to reach your dream goals.

The money that you hold in your hand, excluding your business expenses and all other payables, that is available to use for operational cost like paying for supplies and giving as salaries. So, managing this money is very crucial for your business. If you are an established one, then probably this might be a brush up of your knowledge. If you are a beginner, then this can be your support system, to further lead a better business model.

Know your limits and lines of threat:

Knowledge is surely power!! So, know all about your business, its working capital minimum necessity and your minimum expenses as a whole. Make a clear calculation of all the aspects of your business, as cash crunch can’t be avoided. Life is not always the expected dreamy one but only filled with most of the unexpected expenses and some sweet surprises too. So, prepare yourself for the best and the worst equally. Know where you may face a crunch, on what circumstances, what possibilities can create a cash crunch, and work towards it.

Keep a budget:

Yes, having a planned expense and saving is always appreciated and better for leading a better life. In business, you can probably save on basic recurring costs, and of course the basic salary issue by having a plan in place. The recurring costs like materials can be bought in bulk and saved, and the labours can be hired together in some approximate numbers that combine skills and talent of 2 people in one, so that when you have high workload the existing people can manage for a week or even a month without having the necessity to hire a new one. Only some extra perks can do the work, along with some rewards.

Have an alternate plan:

It’s nice that we plan something and expect it to happen accordingly. But, as we said earlier, nothing can happen as we expect. So, have another alternate plan, in case your plan fails. Sticking to only one single plan will lead to failure and helplessness at the crunch time, instead, keep an alternate plan and work on it, when the first one fails. This will help you in analyzing and working better.